Process Simulation for Gas Treating and Sulphur Plants



ProTreat® (developed by Optimized Gas Treating Inc., USA) software is distinguished by its exclusive use of a fundamental mass and heat transfer rate approach to column modeling and now includes a number of proprietary solvents, physical and hybrid solvents, dehydration, sour water stripping, and most recently a full sulphur plant simulator and a COM interface making ProTreat essentially Cape open.

ProTreat® is the industry's most powerful simulation tool for gas treating and sulphur recovery, and takes out the guesswork, offering the ultimate in accuracy, reliability, and predictive power. Mass transfer rate-base since its inception, ProTreat® provides unrivaled certainty and reliability in unit design, research & scoping studies, plant optimization, and troubleshooting. It uses only what you can measure or read from a drawing, no efficiencies, no HETPs, no residence times, no rules of thumb. A ProTreat® mass transfer rate-based model of your facility is so accurate and so detailed, it's a virtual plant.  



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